Martin Luther King and the aircraft carrier.

Posted: January 23, 2010 in Uncategorized

Martin Luther King Day is one of those Monday’s that Americans seemingly have off every three weeks or so.  Just like President’s Day, Veteran’s Day, Columbus Day, Labor Day, Memorial Day and all the others, MLK Day helps make up for the fact that most people in the US get about 3 days holiday each year.  I’m sure that there are plenty of very appropriate events, exhibitions and other such things to do on this day to celebrate MLK’s life, however Hannah and I decided it was best to spend the majority of it on an aircraft carrier.

The Intrepid is a proper aircraft carrier.  It’s huge.  And it’s docked off 46th street on the Hudson.  As well as being able to look around the carrier itself, it’s got a submarine docked next to it which one can wander through, about 20 aircraft on the deck including a SR71 Blackbird spyplane and an F14 Tomcat (that’ll be the ‘Top Gun’ plane to you…), and also Concorde – which is as beautiful now as it was 25 years ago when I used to watch it fly past in the distance as it approached Heathrow from the sitting room window in Belsize Park.

You can go onto the Concorde and walk through part of it, which is nice.  Hannah and I were following a 300 pound (20 stone) guy and his little (~6yr old) boy through the isle looking at all the seats and the tiny windows.  The boy must have asked what the life jackets were for, because his Dad answered that they for ‘if the plane had to land in water, they ask you to put these on so you can float’.

The boy/Dad then combined to enter the top 20 greatest question/answers I’ve ever heard:

Boy – “But what if there are sharks?”

(Hannah and James mouth at each other – “Best question EVER..!!!”)

Dad – “Well then best you know Jesus”

Hannah and I were in pieces the rest of the way down the isle, which was then compounded by the fact that the now clearly concerned boy loudly asked “How the hell do we get off the crazy thing?!?”.

We then went bowling.  Bowling is fun here, if a little pricey.  My backhanded bowling motion (which will one day redefine the way in which the game is played) once again was ridiculed before emerging victorious averaging over 125 in a game I play once ever 5 or so years.

I’m off to Costa Rica tomorrow, then I’m back in NY for two days before flying back to the UK to have lunch with Mum, work for a week and then go with my friends to see James Turley in Leeds.  A stressful and crap week bookended by fun.

I’ll then be looking forward to coming home.  Strange to leave London to go home, but NY is home now.  And a very nice home at that.

  1. LaMurph says:

    I do backhand bowling too. But I mainly do it because even the lightest bowling balls are too heavy for me so I have no control over which way my arm swings when I’m holding one. I have been known to accidentally let go of the ball when my arm is behind me so it goes flying towards the people who are sitting and waiting to bowl. This is why I shouldn’t bowl. (Also the shoes.)

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